Welcome  to Maplewood Estates Miniature Schnauzers

Our goal is to raise the best little Schnauzers possible..And to share all that we have found in these little enduring personalities.. Giving us unconditional love and companionship. All of our fuzzy faced friends are raised in our home. We Offer National and International Champion Blood Lines. Both quality companion pets as well as  show prospects available. 

Maplewood Estates Miniature Schnauzers
125 Robert William Way
Beaver Falls, PA. 15010

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We here at Maplewood Estates have been raising quality not quantitie for over 25 years.
We believe in breeding pure breed companions as well as show quality  prospects..

Maplewoods Estates is responsible for fostering and finding homes for numerous companions of all types over the years.. We consider ourselves to be Good Will Ambassadors .. not only to the canine family but to many other causes as well..

Our biggest Ambassador here is also the smallest .. Tiny Tim The Terrible  is a little black guy who devotes his little life to providing his..

Acceptance - Attention - Appreciation

His mission in life is to help other dogs and dog owners. He also serves the sick and ailing.. as well as the home bound and terminally ill. He travels the country far and wide to help those in need,, 

We hope you enjoy looking at all faces that we love and have been lucky enough to know. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email.

724-827-2170  or   412-974-4871

 Some Images Used represent the dogs or are related bloodlines here at Maplewood Estates.All dogs are on sight and are available for review
El Toro and Ursulas 
New Babies